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McDonald's Monopoly

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McDonald's Monopoly game is a sales promotion with a theme based on the Hasbro board game Monopoly. Since its inception, the game has been very popular throughout the world. The last time the game was available to play in the United States was in 2016.



Interaction Design

McDonald's Monopoly

McDonald's Monopoly 2020

It had been a few years since the last time Americans could play the McDonald's Monopoly game. 2020 was the year it was going to come back and it needed a refresh from the previous iteration.

I was tasked with solving one of the most important features of the game, the scan results.

The users would primarily add codes to their account via scanning a code, which can be accessed from the "Scan Code" in the bottom nav of the McDonald's app. This feature would rely heavily on gamification techniques to provide the fresh new experience McDonald's was looking for their users.

User Flow

A user flow was created to determine what the user would see once they scanned their codes. Utilizing the knowledge the team had from a previous game that included scanning codes a user flow was developed to account for the number of max entries and where animations could be used.

McDonald's Monopoly
McDonald's Monopoly


Like previous projects, I started with sketches to get ideas down on paper quickly. Having had previous experience using gamification in my designs I paid close attention to motivates, users when playing games. In this case, it was the reward and the journey of collecting all the pieces so that would be a big focus of the designs. After about 5 versions of possible solutions, I settled on four to move forward with and collect feedback.

McDonald's Monopoly

I received good feedback from my sketches and 3 options were chosen to move forward. One of the biggest things to come from the feedback was what if the user has trouble scanning? I had included an option for the user to add the code manually. But we decided that a good option would be how to use the scanner with a video. Mainly because we had to account for more user errors. Once that was agreed upon I started on the wireframes for each option.

Option 1 - Was bare bones and accomplished the goal. But it lacked any fun interactions or animations and mainly displayed all the information on one screen for the user.

Option 2 - This is where I started having a little more fun with the interactions and animations. It was really fun and pulled you into the game. I included a lot of elements from the Monopoly board game. This option while being more fun and immersive would take more time to develop. After talking to engineering, it was agreed upon that we could utilize gifs instead of full-blown animations.

Option 3 - Was a mix of the two options which kept it simple but also included animations and more interaction. The main difference in this version was how the user would interact with the game. The user would receive their results in cards and they could swipe left to navigate through the flow.

After a meeting with all the stakeholders, it was determined that option 3 would be taken to be tested with users. While they loved option 2 it would take engineering and visual design longer to complete. Since we were on a strict deadline we compromised and went with option 3 because option 1 didn't have that wow factor that was needed for this particular experience. From here I proceeded to create a prototype for testing purposes.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


My primary task was to create wireframes and determine the interaction a user would have when they scanned their codes. My approach to design is centered around user needs. That being said I would have loved to speak with users before jumping into designs. It wasn't possible though due to the organizational structure. Unfortunately, I don't know what was learned once the design was taken for testing with users. Since I left to pursue another role at a different company and with everything that happened in 2020 McDonald's didn't launch the game.